Have you Ever dreamed of starting a blog and earning over a million dollars a month from anywhere in the world? Well you’re definitely not the only one being that the idea itself sounds extremely appealing to everyone. Here is our guide on how to start a guide on how to start a blog 2018.

Although there are thousands of people who want to start a blog, there are few that actually succeed. Why do so many people fail at this? Starting a blog takes a lot of hard work. This is one reason why no one ever starts, they’re afraid of the hard work it will take to build their blog and content. And even if they do start, they will eventually burn out after a few weeks or months of hard work without any pay. 

The only way to overcome the massive amount of hard work that is required to build a blog is to be passionate about the content. Otherwise, you’ll get bored quickly and you will no longer be interested in being a blogger.

These are all small problems though as the reward can be massive. Some bloggers earn upwards of one million dollars a month! That’s only the beginning though as those bloggers can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection! You also can write five articles in one day, and then not write anything for the next month. Blogging is one of the only ways you can meet this level of freedom in your life. You just have to be ready to put in work without getting immediate results.

How to start a blog step-by-step

Here you go, the step-by-step guide on how to start a blog for those who are willing to put in work. This guide will allow to start a blog directly after reading this article.

Don’t forget though, Hard work is THE ONLY way you will get results and achieve this dream lifestyle. Click To Tweet When you are tempted to give up, just remember, you’re only one post away.

How to start a blog 2018 step #1: Chose a topic

This step is critical to the success of your blog. Although it seems simple, it can make or break your blogging career. 

As you can imagine, your topic must be something that you are passionate about. This is what you will be blogging about for hopefully the rest of your life, so don’t underestimate the importance of this step.

Your topic should be something that not only has a large audience, but a large audience that has money and is willing to spend it. A good way of knowing if an audience has money and is willing to spend it, is to find out if there are already people making money in that space. 

If you chose the right topic, you should enjoy writing content for your blog and you should enjoy interacting with people in the comment section of your blog.

How to start a blog 2018 step #2: Find a platform

Your platform is your software that you use your blog. Finding a platform is another step that is often underestimated. This is the platform that will be the foundation of your blog and you will use if for years to come so you want to make sure you choose wisely.

Things to take into account while choosing your platform are:

  • scalable: Will you be able to use this platform when you have hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site? If the answer is no, you should re-think your decision. This is extremely important because if you over-populate your servers you can get your site suspended, fined, and take a massive penalty.
  • Flexible: will you be able to use this platform to do  everything you want with the site? This is especially important if you ever plan to have a shop on your site. Some site building platforms don’t offer e-commerce support. You will also want to make sure you will be able to achieve any look you want without having to migrate your site or have too much down time.
  • Big community: What w mean by a big community, is a group of people that will be able to help you with any questions you have, a large rang of developers that will be pushing for innovation, and a group of developers that you will be able to hire if you need to. Having a big community is extremely important for someone who is new to building blogs and websites. A community will help you when you have a question that you don’t have the answer to. If the platform you chose has a strong community, then chances are it will be easier to hire someone to help you with your site.
  • Difficulty: When you’re first starting out, it might seem like the best option is to choose the easiest platform. However, most of the easiest site builders don’t have a large community and aren’t flexible. Having an easy to use platform isn’t very useful when you have a problem that you don’t know how to fix. You will want to chose a platform that you can learn how to use though.

If your platform has all of these things, you are probably making a good choice. One platform that has these things is WordPress. This is proven by the fact that it is the platform of choice by companies like CNN, TechCrunch, Turba Host, Disney, Sony, and Facebook. It also has an extensive community as there are countless Facebook groups, forums, and Youtube channels oriented around helping people build their WordPress site.

As mentioned before, choosing the right platform is extremely important because if you don’t, you will have to migrate. If you ask anyone who has had to migrate their blog, they will tell you that it is extremely hard and tedious. It is expensive and tedious, so make sure you chose the right platform.

We here at Turba Host will be releasing some WordPress tutorials, so if you are interested in that, you can subscribe to our email list.

How to start a blog 2018 step #3: Find a domain name

This is another part of the process of building your site.

Here are a few things that are important to keep in mind while choosing a domain name:

  • Easy to remember: Having an easy to remember domain name is extremely important because without one, you will tell someone your URL and they wont remember it when they go home to type it in.
  • Keyword rich: Having a keyword rich domain name is extremely important. This will help your site get to the first page of google. That alone is worth spending extra money on a good domain name.
  • Short: Having a short domain name will also help your site get to the first page of google and get tons of organic traffic. Having a short domain will also make it easier for people to spell.

Click here to buy a domain name.

How to start a blog 2018 step #4: Get web hosting

A web hosting company is a company that allows your site to be accessed by the users of the internet.

Getting a web host is the next step to starting a blog. If you aren’t satisfied with your host, you will have to migrate your site to another site.

while choosing your web host, you want to make sure that it has good customer support. This is extremely important to new bloggers as you are bound to need support. Errors happen no matter how bullet proof your host is and without a good support team, it’s harder than it should be to get them solved.

You should also consider the features your host offers. Here are some features to look out for:

  • Free and automatic SSL: Google has already announced that if your site doesn’t have an SSL, your ranking in Google will take a serious penalty. This is one of the most important features to have on your site.
  • Platform compatibility: You will want to make sure that your host works well with the platform. If you use WordPress, this will be easy as there are countless hosts that offer managed WordPress hosting. We offer WordPress compatibility with all of our packages for cheaper than almost all managed WordPress offers.
  • Firewall with railgun: This is an extremely powerful tool that will help you get the most out of your site. It will improve the speed and security of your site. These two things will dramatically improve your site ranking in Google. You will have to manually install this with most web hosts, so make sure you take advantage of it. Normally, in order to get railgun, you would have to buy a package for $350 per month, but there are a few web hosts, Turba Host included, that offer it for free with some packages.
  • Backups: Backups are extremely important with any website. Problems happen with your site and when they do, you want to be able to have something to fall back on. You will also be able to be more comfortable with your site knowing that if something happens, you will be able to restore your last backup. As an experienced site builder, having backups on a regular basis will help you sleep better at night. Turba Host offers free nightly backups.
  • Emails: You definitely want to make sure that your host will offer unlimited emails. It is extremely confident being able to make a custom domain email in less than a minute. You also don’t know how many email presses you will need for your blog, so you’re better off having unlimited then having none.
  • Subdomains: Subdomains are one of the most useful things you can have on your site. You can use subdomains as entire different sites. Heres an example, rather than having your site integrated with the rest of your site, you can have an entire different site in a subdomain. Our blog is installed on a subdomain, so you can do almost anything with them.

On our higher package, Turba Host offers all of these things, so if you’re looking for a web host with all of these features, Turba Host is your best option.

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How to start a blog 2018 step #5: Improve your site speed

Site speed is extremely important. This will improve your ranking in google and give your users a better experience. Click To Tweet

A way you can test your site speed is to go to Google Page Speed Insights. This tool will tell you everything. It will tell you problems with your theme, Glitches, problems with your host, and more. This tool is so powerful. It will show you what Google looks at when considering your rank in the search.

If your site seems slow when you are navigating it, you will definitely want to consider switching hosts, and switching themes. We recommend buying WordPress themes on Theme Forest as there are thousands of themes there and they are all built by some of the best WordPress designers.

If you don’t know how to do some of these things, you can hire someone on Fiverr.

How to start a blog 2018 step #6: Enable permalinks

Permalinks will allow you to create more custom URLs that are more optimized for Google.

For example, you can make your URL blog.turbahost.com/how-to-start-a-blog rather than blog.turbahost.com/?p=123/how-to-start-a-blog. This is much more powerful than you would think as it shows google that you have a thoroughly built website. 

Enabling permalinks is an extremely important step to building your blog and is something you want to do before your blog takes off.

How to start a blog 2108 step #7: Install AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project launch by Google with the purpose to speed up mobile websites. The way it works is it removes and ignores all of the code on the site that is not required or helpful. The result is a much faster and much higher ranking site in google.

This makes your site rank higher in Google for obvious reasons. It is a product made by Google to improve your site. If your site is heavily integrated with trusted Google products, that will tell google that your site is good and fast.

To install AMP, there are multiple WordPress plugins.

How to start a blog 2018 step #8: Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool. Not only will it allow you to analyze your site traffic, but it will allow you to improve on them.

Google Analytics will tell you things like your visitor numbers, live traffic numbers, conversion rates, age and other demographics, mobile vs desktop traffic, and it will even tell you what web browser your visitors use. This will allow you to optimize more for your audience. If something is working in one country, you should triple down on that. Right? Google analytics will also help you when you’re running your add campaign. It is also a great way to see how strong you are on social media. It will give you an idea on exactly how much traffic you get from your follow base.

You can install Analytics in WordPress through a plugin called GADWT. Not only does it make it easy to install, but it will give you a preview of your Google Analytics dashboard in your WordPress dashboard.

How to start a blog 2018 step #9: Setup Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster Tools is a group of softwares that will allow you to do multiple things when it comes to driving and analyzing site traffic. It will give you access to Google search console, wich is arguable the most important tool to use when you are doing SEO (search engine optimization). It will give you insights like how many people are common in from each Google keyword, what keywords you’re ranking for and a lot more powerful tools.

Google Webmaster Tools are all free, so there is no risk when installing them on to your site.

How to start a blog 2018 step #10: Learn SEO

SEO is not something you can learn in a day. SEO is a skill that requires years of learning, and hours every month just keeping up with the changes. However, if you do this it will be one of the most useful skills you will ever learn as a blogger. 

In order to learn SEO, we recommend you find people who write about SEO and online marketing. You can also find some extremely useful videos on Youtube. Buying an online course is another option, but SEO is one skill that is best to learn with a variety of free resources that can be found online.

How to start a blog 2018 step #11: Produce useful content

Producing content is one part of the equation, but producing useful content is the part that some people have trouble with. Some people are able to produce content that isn’t exactly useful, but is entertaining. That is fine as long as your viewers have a good reason to stay on your blog. If you are writing content that is boring and puts your reader to sleep, then you will have an extremely hard time building your audience and monetizing you blog.

When writing content, thank about who your audience is. You should also be looking at what type of posts get the most engagement so you can produce more of that content.

The most important aspect of this though, is to post on a regular basis. Without practice, you will never get good at producing content. Not only that, but you won’t have a large selection of content that will help you with your Google ranking. You will also get to test a larger variety of content styles on your audience.

How to start a blog 2018 step #12: Start an email list

Email marketing is an extremely important aspect of your blog. Many people would even say that email is the main avenue of monetization. A good reason for this is because, like on your blog, you own your audience. This means that if Instagram changes their algorithm, your audience will not completely disappear.

There are multiple ways you can setup an email list mechanism on your site. Our favorite way is to use a WordPress plugin called Mail Poet. Mail Poet will allow you to collect email addresses, create a variety of subscription forms, and more. 

Starting an email list is something that may seem overwhelming and expensive, but it is actually easy and free if you do it the right way.

How to start a blog 2018 step #13: Start your sales funnel

The best way to monetize your blog is to build your own product. In order for your product to be successful, it has to be related to your niche. You should start building your content around what product you will be launching so that when you announce the release, you have a line of people waiting to buy it.

If, for an entire year, you built content with the idea that it is all building up interest and demand for your product then your product will have a massive amount of sales when you launch it. Even if you don’t have a product completed yet, this will almost increase the chances of your product succeeding. Also, when you know that your product will probably have some immediate sales because of the funnel you have been building, you will be more motivated to build your product. Wouldn’t you rather set yourself up to succeed early rather than late?

How to start a blog 2018 step #14: Build your product

This is one of the most exciting steps to start. This will be how you monetize your blog and make your passion job. 

When you are thinking about what kind of product you would like to build, you should keep in mind how you will deliver it how much your audience will appreciate that product. 

For most people, a digital product will be the best option. This is because there are no shipping costs, you don’t have to worry about shipping it out and there are no manufacturing costs or head aches. You design the product market it, and keep doing what you where already doing, that’s it. Some ways you can build a digital product include:

  • Online course
  • Ebook
  • Entertainment
  • Early access group
  • Software

The best product for you will depend on what niche you’re in, who your audience is and more.

How to start a blog 2018 step #15: Build a primary sales funnel

In step #13, you started to build a sales funnel, meaning that you oriented your content around what your product will be. Now, you will be building a sales funnel that turns visitors into sales.

Essentially what this is is a page where people will read your copy and get led to an order form.

You want to make sure that this is as good as it possibly can be. This means that it is visually appealing, and make your visitors want your product. The better your sales funnel is, the higher your conversion rates will be. The higher your conversion rates are, the more time and recourses you will be able to spend per click to your website.

Some ways to get good at building your sales funnel include learning how to write copy, hire a web designer or even a user experience designer to make your page look better, study the metrics that are available to you, and becoming obsessed over every single aspect of your sales funnel.

How to start a blog 2018 step #16: Get on social media

Social media is arguably the best way to drive traffic to your blog and sales funnel. Social media will allow you to reach people for the first time and get to understand your audience by engaging on another level. 

The best platforms to start with will depend, again, on what niche you are in. If you’re in the travel or photography niche, you should start with Instagram. If you’re in Politics, you should start with Facebook or Twitter. If your audience is primarily young people, you should be focusing on Snapchat and Instagram. If your audience is older, Facebook is a better place to be. It’s not a bad idea though to sign up for all of them, as long as you keep them up and post often.

As for how to grow on these platforms, we will not go too deep with because there are plenty of records on that.

How to start a blog 2018 step #17: Market your content

Finally, the step that will finally allow you to get rewarded for all of your hard work. This is the most addictive step because you actually see direct results from it.

We will be publishing articles on how to market your blog and content, but until then, you can find information on marketing just about anywhere on the internet. Be careful when choosing a marketing strategy though because there are tons that have big promises, but a lot of them don’t deliver as big as they promise. you can see if a marketing strategy is a good one, by seeing if there is more than one person that says it. You can also see what kind of response the strategy has. A good place to get marketing strategies and ideas is Gary Vaynerchuck’s Youtube channel or Medium articles.

How to start a blog 2018 step #18: Monetize

You’re here! You have achieved the highest level of freedom you can possibly obtain. This is the step that will allow you to cash in on all of that hard work you put in on all of the previous steps.

There is an endless list of ways you can monetize, however here are a few that seem to work for a large variety of people:

  • Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is when you get a link to a product, and you will get a commission for everyone who buys that product through your link.
  • Coaching: Yes, you can offer your coaching for very premium prices as a blogger. This can be extremely lucrative for anyone who is either in the business or fitness niche.
  • Google ads: While google ads can be a way for you to start monetizing your site, it is far from the most lucrative. With google ads you will get paid per click, but people already automatically filter out ads and ignore them. They do work for some people though, but you would need a huge audience
  • in order to cash in big on this.
  • Build your own product: This is normally the best way to make your blog work for you. You can make an online course, sell it for $500 and if one percent of your audience buys, then each follower of your yours will be worth five dollars. That means that you will be able to pay four dollars par loyal follower and still make a decent profit.

This is just the beginning

Although it may seem like you are done with the whole process, you will still need to continue marketing, improving your product and funnels, and keep making new content. That will be a good thing though if you are truly passionate about… Click To Tweet


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